About Us

We’re regular people, just like you. We don’t make puppies for a living. We’re not that “weird” dog breeder. We only have a few girls, and all our dogs are our pets and members of the family. They sleep on our bedroom floor every night. We don’t have a kennel or a barn or a facility where we breed dogs. Aussies are WAY too smart to be kept solely for the purpose of making puppies.

We take our dogs everywhere; to the park to outdoor restaurants, swimming in lakes (and our own pool), and to friend’s houses. We take them on off leash hikes a few times a week. Our Aussies are not your typical “stand off-ish” Aussie. They want to see everyone. They walk up to anyone who pays attention to them.

We get pretty attached to our puppies and we are selective as to where they go to their forever home. We expect our puppy owners to treat their dogs the same way we do. They aren’t JUST a dog, they are part of the family. We keep touch with our puppy owners long after puppies go home. We want our puppies to have amazing lives, just like our dogs have.